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If you feel you are being forced into arranged marriage or are threatened in any way, you can talk to us in confidence. Perhaps you are affected by a violent or abusive person who lives at your home. Perhaps you are facing problems at school or with friends. Maybe you are worried about a female relative or your mom. And you're scared of being found out. We're here to listen.

Chat to us online in complete confidence.We will not tell your parents or teacher or anyone without your permission. Nothing remains of the conversation once you end the chat. We can speak English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Tamil, Bengali, Sylheti and Gujerati.

Our chat room is currently open at these times:

Monday1 - 2pm
Tuesday6 - 7pm
Wednesday 10 - 11pm
Thursday7 - 8pm
Friday4 - 5pm


Contact us on:  |  Tel: 020 3384 9412 (business)  |  Helpline 08454512547
Registered Charity No. 1113180