Facts and figures about domestic abuse in the UK: [1]

In addition to the difficulties facing women affected by domestic abuse, women in black and minority ethnic populations have a number of added barriers to escaping abuse. These are conservative religious and cultural traditions, inability to speak English and no recourse to public funds due to insecure immigration status. [2]

Facts and figures about domestic abuse in London: [3]

Facts and figures about Aanchal:

1. Sources: British Crime Survey England & Wales, 2000; Violence against Women, London RCOG, 1997; Criminal Justice 1:2, 2000; Home Office, 1999; Metropolitan Police Service; 2003; Teen Magazine.

2. Women who have moved to the UK to marry a British national need their husbands to sponsor their stay and to support their claim for indefinite leave to remain when their spousal visa runs out. If they leave their husbands, they cannot access any state support such as housing or welfare benefits. This is what is referred to as "no recourse to public funds"

3. Mayor of London's Office, The Second Domestic Violence Strategy, November 2005


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