The telephone will be answered by one of our friendly and helpful staff members who will be able to listen and offer advice. If this person cannot speak your language, she will be able to get someone to speak to you in your language.

The aim of the 24-hour helpline is to provide assistance to women and their families affected by domestic abuse. If you are in danger we can call the police on your behalf and if you need to leave your house we will refer you to a refuge and help ensure that you and your children are safe. We can give you practical advice on the next steps: how to make sure you and your children are protected, how to get financial support, as well as housing and medical care. We can provide you with legal advice on issues regarding child protection and immigration status. We’ll link you up to the relevant agencies and make sure you get the appropriate counselling and support all the way. We also run support groups for you and your children where you can meet others in similar situations. We also offer English classes and various skills training workshops.

Step by step we can help you rebuild your live.

If you simply wish to chat and consider your options, we are happy to lend a supportive, listening ear. Our service is non-judgemental and we will not pressurise you into making any

What is a refuge?

Refuges are places of safety where women and their children can escape from abuse. Usually women are placed in refuges in areas well away from the perpetrator. Refuges are usually houses or flats shared by a few women in the same predicament and they provide somewhere for women to escape to as well as space to think about what they want to do. Staff based at these refuges also provide support with practical issues such as arranging police escorts to retrieve belongings, rearranging schools and signing women up to GPs. They may also help with applications to local authorities for housing and welfare benefits and referrals to solicitors.

Telephone counselling

Our qualified counsellors offer a counselling service over the telephone. You don’t have to leave your house and your identity remains anonymous. All matters discussed in counselling sessions are 100% confidential. Call us on the helpline number and ask our staff for a referral to the counselling service.

How will counselling help me?

Counselling is a talking therapy. You talk to a professional and explore difficult feelings like anger, anxiety, sadness or embarrassment. It helps you understand your life’s difficulties better so that you can learn to deal with them in a healthy way.

If you are not affected by domestic abuse but wish to chat to someone from Aanchal about fund raising or any other issue, please call us during business hours on: 020 3384 9412



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