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About Us

As a family and community support network, Aanchal provides a safe place where people find hope so they can believe and say ‘I matter’.

We take into account and respects the culture, rituals and ways of being, to support people through challenging issues, crisis and stigmas that they will face in speaking out. We understand that every individual we support has the right to live as an equal in society, able to hold up their head with pride, and to be part of a supportive community and know that they are not alone.  We are proud to be an inclusive organisation.

We open doors to the many benefits, opportunities and systems that can best help protect people and their children.

We provide emotional and practical support, guidance and tools  to allow people to make positive life decisions, to live a comfortable life that is fulfilling for them and their children. We also support them to contribute to the wider world in a meaningful way using the wisdom, access to knowledge and skills they have.

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