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In the current climate gaining access to FREE Therapy sessions after going through the trauma of domestic abuse is hard to find without being put on a long waiting list of up to 6 months to a year.

Aanchal Women’s Aid with the support of Winston Churchill Memorial Trust (end July) is providing an early awareness, education, and self-care tool,  to help support women of domestic abuse with No Recourse to Public Funds, poverty, and poor mental wellbeing. The Project will roll long-term impact into the future, widening reach and re-imaging new ways of delivering services more economically.

We understand firsthand how vital it is to have therapy after going through a life-changing experience. Often feeling trapped with no alternative but to stay in an abusive situation as they are unable to access benefits and housing assistance because of the ‘no recourse rule’.

Through facilitated weekly 1.5 hour on-line sessions we will provide women with therapeutic support, guidance, information, and connecting women to further support.   

We want women to know we are here to support them and give them the tools to rebuild their lives.

 An extract from the journey of Annie  

 Annie (name changed) was referred to us in October 2020 by her GP.

 She had been suffering from emotional abuse and coercive control. Wanting to desperately leave her abusive environment, however with NRPF she had no options.  

Annie made an application to a specialist Asylum and immigration advice agency. The wait was long and at times unbearable.

Annie joined chai chat every single week, she was supported and encouraged by all the women around her.  Initially, she was very quiet and reserved, unsure, now she is a pillar of support to others.   

This month she shared some fabulous news, her immigration status has changed and best of all she can now access public funds.  Her dream to change her life and the life of her children is now in reach.  We continue to connect Annie with others, supporting her to learn new skills and re-build an independent life without her previous restrictions.  Dare to Live with Freedom.

To find out more information or if you would like to be apart of the therapy session, we would love to hear from you.  Contact us via

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