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Chai Chat, our virtual support group runs every Wednesday at 12 noon.

A free and safe space to share, listen and explore options and receive practical advice. Run by survivors for survivors.

All are welcome, wherever you are in your journey.

What Chai Chat means to survivors

“I was so confused when I entered the group, and there was such patience, kindness… money can’t buy that. It’s beautiful is all I can say. What we have been through is disgusting, but it’s brought us here and being able to experience this genuineness means we are amongst the luckiest of women.”

“My healing started later without this environment and space to identify, learn and grow from my experience. I joined Chai Chat a year after I fled but none of the other settings I was in provided this knowledge and support. I wish the police had given me Aanchal’s number. Another service told me about Chai Chat but I wish they’d told me about its weight and benefit then – I thought it was about having a cup of tea. It was only later when I was emotionally annihilated after losing my court case that I remembered and called the number. I felt like I was calling the AA number. If I’d known about it before, it could have helped me with my case so much, especially whilst I was living in a refuge with a newborn.”

“The ability to be yourself. Just to ‘be’. I couldn’t be myself before. You are accepted whatever you do – swear, cry, dress up, in pyjamas… When we can be, we can be safe. No part is shunned… all of us is embraced and normalised.”

“Survivors have lost their identity through this experience. Can take minutes to answer questions about what they like… the emotional support here is needed to dig back to who they once were…”
“It takes time to recognize the area where you’re most struggling and need to shine a light on. When you’re ready you can look at it. There’s a gentleness here that helps that. I was struggling with a topic and struggled for a year before I had the ‘Aha!’ moment and surrendered. As a survivor you’re wounded, hurt and guarded… just moving from surviving to living is a long journey.”

“Chai Chat isn’t just 1.5 hours weekly. The emotional support is lifelong. If someone breaks off we chase them and if someone’s triggered by something shared in the session the volunteers and workers reach out to them. Then there’s accompaniment if going to court… it’s not just the weekly meeting.”
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