Comic Relief

We are thrilled to receive support from a wide range of organisations in our community, from trusts and charities to multinational businesses to government organisations. 

Today we are showing homage to one of our funders in honour of Red Nose Day ‘Share a Smile’ – Comic Relief.

Every penny coming to Comic Relief is expended to maximise community support in exciting and imaginative interventions.

We can share Aanchal’s story with Comic Relief.  Receiving the very first fund in 2016, Tech V Abuse, we were supported throughout the journey towards digital development.  The immense time invested in introducing us to a whole team of experts from Comic Relief equipped us to achieve our aim for the project.  Our first digital project was to consult with local GPs, learning from them, their requirements to enable improved support to BAME women affected by abuse.  We addressed language barriers, cultural barriers, listened to women affected and also those not affected to develop a tool whereby GPs can impact women to take early steps to reduce risks of domestic abuse.  This is our LOTUS tool accessible on our website.

The support from Comic Relief during this process provided us with planning, implementing, and measuring success tools.  The actual input into the fund was greater than just that – it was the investment in our growth and that of the other organisations who worked together in partnership.  A collaborative approach.

We received further funds to develop our Rebuilding Lives initiative, the main aim of the fund being able to explore the possibilities.  The exploration and Comic Relief team support helped us develop a base for a Community Hub.  We have since been able to secure various small funds to build on this.  We have learned that the digital space is scalable and can go a long way.  We learned that in the digital space, exploring and discovering is key and the fund allowed us to do exactly this.  When we are given the space to be free with this, we are more likely to come up with new ways of making services accessible.

Because of Comic Relief funding, we were able to respond to the Covid-19 crisis quickly and smoothly, transforming our services within two weeks, as a result of our digital knowledge.

Many women using our services, and also those who wanted to become part of the learning were able to build a Co-Creation ongoing group.  We developed an Aanchal Community.

Aanchal Women’s Aid would like to express their thanks to Comic Relief.