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Aanchal Women’s Aid Thanks The Tudor Trust for the £2,000 Wellbeing Fund

We would like to thank The Tudor Trust for the £2,000 Wellbeing Fund for Aanchal Women's Aid staff. We truly appreciate it.

The last year has been a challenging time for all. Working in this sector is rewarding and it’s a privilege to see the transformation in an individual's life but it can bring about challenges and have an impact on our own wellbeing. It's 24 hours, never knowing what the day will bring, what story we will hear when we pick up the phone, what systematic structures in place will cause a barrier to support. It can cause distress, worry, heartache, and often sleepless nights.

The pandemic has meant we have all had to work remotely, alone when we are digesting the news of child abuse or the years an individual has lived enduring the pain of abuse. Whilst we are a close team and have put additional support structures in place, it's not the same as being able to physically comfort each other, make a cup of tea and just sit in someone else's presence whilst we reflect and plan how we can best support the individual seeking support. As a team and organisation we have encouraged each other to focus on our wellbeing, set each other tasks and activities, and look at ways we can improve our mental health.

It was uplifting to recently hear we had received a £2,000 wellbeing fund for Aanchal staff.

It's not usual to get funds that specifically support the team and focus on their wellbeing. We would like to take this opportunity to thank The Tudor Trust, we are very grateful and truly appreciate it.

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