Addressing cultural nuances and stigma when it comes to identifying domestic abuse and seeking help

Thank you to Sunrise Radio (London) Ltd for having Su Bhuhi MBE, CEO Aanchal Women’s Aid on your show today with Anila Dhami along with Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Epidemiologist Deepti Gurdasani.

One of the key takeaways from the show is the use of ‘shame’ within the South Asian Communities, an inner emotional state associated with domestic abuse. Reflecting on the many sounds and shadows of shame, ‘it’ is invoked by perpetrators, culture, tradition, and peer pressure, historically embedded into women’s roles.

Changing these attitudes and behaviours is one barrier to break, a continuous challenge.

What I will say to a woman in need now; ‘You are not to blame’.
Crash that barrier immediately, by having self-belief, identify your allies, and reduce clusters that do not serve your welfare.

At Aanchal Women’s Aid, we encourage women not to be afraid, to come forward. There are various safe ways to contact us via our website. We help women build upon their self-belief through our ‘Chai Chat’ support, The Jasmine Project, and new healing sessions initiative. For more information contact