Domestic Abuse does not discriminate against gender

A 24-year-old Transgender male, of an Asian Muslim background, where a change of sexuality was not acceptable, with a community and family pressure was referred to Aanchal Women’s Aid by Forest Gate Police Station.

When he contacted our services he was upset, stating “no one understands how I feel, my family has refused to accept my decision of changing my sexuality”.  He informed the police that he was suffering from mental abuse and feared his life would be at risk when they found out that he was having treatment.

Feeling really uncomfortable, as his cousin was getting married in March, the celebrations were underway and he was being forced to wear a dress at the event. He wanted to leave as soon as possible as he felt he could no longer deal with the whole situation.  

With treatment underway in April, he would begin his testosterone tablets and did not know how the family would react to this and feared something would happen.  He no longer felt safe at home.  With both parents being deceased his extended family was unsupportive of his transition from female to male.  Dealing with a lot of mental abuse he was told that his feelings could be changed and they should take a trip to Pakistan for a while where he should dress and act like a girl.

Uncertain of what the future held, he approached housing, they advised him that he was not a priority and could not support him. 

Aanchal Women’s Aid began to build a good relationship with him, we showed empathy, we gave him a place where he was not judged and felt confident.

We safety planned, advised the client of all his options, advised about injunctions, and explored housing options. It was really difficult to get housing as he did not want to go into a refuge and at the time no spaces were available in a specialist refuge. We worked in partnership with Stonewall housing.

Stonewall Housing is the specialist lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) housing advice and support provider in England. They have produced a guide on housing options for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans people who are experiencing domestic abuse. 

As a result, Stonewall housing managed to house him. He left his family home and was able to start his treatment, living life in his own truth.