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I’m being abused. What should I do?

If you are experiencing domestic abuse, we recommend that you take the following safety measures to protect yourself.

  • Talk to someone. You can call Aanchal, you can speak to a friend or a neighbour or even speak to your GP.
  • Keep money aside if you need to leave straight away.
  • Keep a mobile phone close to you that's charged and with credit.
  • Keep important documents such as passports, NI number, children’s birth certificates and any other important documents such as mortgage or insurance paper together.
  • Keep any evidence you already have that documents the abuse, such as statements to the police, photographs, emails or your GP records. These will be relevant in your support should you seek legal action.
  • Keep any important or emergency numbers with you including those of close family and friends, your GP, your children’s school, etc.
  • Pack an emergency bag for you and your children and keep this somewhere safe. This should contain all essential information that you would need in case you have to leave your house immediately. Don’t forget to pack your child’s favourite toy.
  • Think about somewhere safe that you can go and can tell someone what is going on.
  • Teach your children to call 999 in an emergency and discuss with them when they might need to make the call.
  • Rehearse a safety plan so that you know what to do if you need to leave in an emergency.
  • Be aware of any early signs and symptoms of abuse.
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