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Children and Young People Services

Our Children Services support children up to the age of 16 years, who are affected by domestic abuse. We provide one to one coaching support for young people. We work with families to support siblings and provide interventions to those we work with find a happy place in their families and communities. The support offered is unique, holistic and designed to support children and young people who may otherwise not have opportunity to disclose how they feel or what their needs are. Young people are able to come together during the summer and participate in activities such as group support, trips out to seaside, or in the countryside. In addition to this, parents are supported to achieve the best outcomes for their children. We encourage young people to get involved supporting activities or other events at Aanchal to help them to feel part of the community.

Key Child Support Officer

Our Key Child Support Officer works with young people by engaging in dialogue, building trust and a gentle relationship on the terms of the young person, providing a platform to listen and understand from their perspective. They understand life is complicated at any age, but very complex when growing up learning to cope.

Our Key Child Support Officer provides one to one coaching, and group activities where young people can support each other and have fun. And offers practical advice and guidance to help young people overcome obstacles such as issues in schools, family matters and relationships.

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Children and Young People Services

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We support the NHS on domestic abuse referrals.
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