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Someone I know is experiencing abuse

We are frequently contacted by concerned friends and family members asking about what they can do if someone they know is experiencing abuse. If you know them well, encourage them to speak to someone and give them our telephone number so they can receive prompt and informed advice for their unique situation. Many women who reach us have experienced accelerated abuse because they have been given uninformed and unsafe advice.

If you know someone who is experiencing abuse but do not know them well (for example, a neighbour, a member of your local faith group or a parent at your child’s school), call us to receive information cards that you can either give directly to the person in need of help or pass on to the school, faith establishment or mutual acquaintance.

You can also encourage the person experiencing abuse to:

Dial 999 for emergency help

Dial 111 for non-emergency help

Talk to their GP

Explore appropriate legal pathways such as non-molestation orders and injunctions

Escape to a refuge or safe house accommodation (this can be well away from the local area)

Seek help from Aanchal, particularly if they do not have British citizenship. Their information will be kept confidential.

Stay vigilant about the various forms of domestic abuse, including physical, emotional, financial and sexual.

You can read more about the common signs of domestic abuse at ' How do I know I am experiencing abuse?'

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